Ewok About me, Sergio Carlavilla

Saluton, I'm Sergio Carlavilla. I'm a Software Architect from Valencia, Spain.

Right now I'm working at Daifressh as a Software Architect.

If you want to see my résumé, please check it or download it for a more relaxed reading 🙂

Luke Skywalker and Lord Vader lightsabers Programming, the fun stuff

As a Software Architect I'm feel confortable with the Spring environment and with FreeBSD. Also I'd like to program in C++ and Golang.

R2D2 of Star Wars My tools

Right now I'm using FreeBSD with Plasma Desktop on a Thinkpad X200.

I use NeoVim with tmux and Qt Creator for Qt/C++

I use Vultr for deploy all my VPS.

I use GitLab for version control.

Bounty hunter of Star Wars Hire me

If you're looking for a professional Software Architect don't doubt it Contact me!