Week 2 - So few waves this week in the pool

02 August 2022

This post should have been posted yesterday... but yesterday was my birthday and I was busy. By the way, the week was really calm.

Collaborate with the FreeBSD Documentation Project

The duty of the FreeBSD Documentation Project is to keep the website, documentation, manual pages, etc in a really good shape.

Do you need to know programming to collaborate? Totally no. You only need to know how to read and write in English.

And if you have a mother tongue different from English you can collaborate translating the Project.

If you want to collaborate with us. You can contact me.


Right now this is the status of the bugs:

  • In the website: 43
  • In the documentation: 291
  • In the manual pages: 320

Bugs and improvements of this week

Situacion of the web apps working group

Right now we're working with mandoc to render the manual pages using it.

As you can see bellow this is a FreBSD manual page rendered using mandoc and with some tweaks in the mandoc css.

In a couple of weeks the RC version will be published for review.

FreeBSD manual pages using mandoc
FreeBSD manual pages using mandoc